Artist Biography

Artist Statement 

My mission as an artist is to spotlight some of Earth’s most amazing animals whose lives are tragically threatened by deforestation and poaching. I am captivated by their beauty and innocence, and I believe our connection to these animals is important to our own preservation. Most often, my focus is placed solely on the animal, with little to no landscape. I feel that this captures the uniqueness and individuality of each of these creatures. I do not paint a vulture as mere decoration for the sky; my art strives to be a voice for these animals to tell their stories.

Accomplishments and Reviews


  • Art Gone Wild Art Show, Atlanta, GA -2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Christmas Card Lane, Madison, AL  -2014
  • Marathon Village Exhibition, Nashville, TN -2015
  • Dog Art For Old Friends, Nashville, TN -2015
  • Embracing Art, Carnegie Visual Arts Center, Decatur, AL -2015

Fan Feedback

“God has given you a talent, that I am so over joyed that you have touched my heart. I am speechless! I will be proud to show everyone this picture. Thank you!” – Cyndi Fairbanks, remarks about Old Man Duce colored pencil portrait

“Ashley Bates has a rare natural talent to express a myriad of emotion through her art! Touching and beautiful, she is a must have in any collection” – Lou Sierra

“Just as shown. Beautiful work. I’m very satisfied with description, photos, and process of purchasing, convos, and shipping. Arrived in perfect condition.” – Etsy customer